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I wish I had found Liliya years ago!! I My skin was breaking out badly from stress and nothing I used seemed to help. I was at a point where I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. I had used Mary Kay products for a couple years, but they just weren't giving me the results I expected, especially considering the price. I tried countless over-the-counter products, but it was money wasted. Finally, I decided to purchase a Groupon for two chemical peels with Liliya (having never had one before) because I didn't know what else to do. Liliya was very personable and explained everything that she was doing. She answered all of my questions and gave me tips on nutrition and exercise to help improve my skin and reduce my stress. She was honest about the process and time-frame that it would take to start seeing results, which I appreciated because it's hard to find professionals who aren't just trying to take your money. Also, she makes a point to call and follow up with me after my appointments to see how I'm doing and if I have any questions. You can tell that she really has a passion for her work. She genuinely cares. After six months or so and several peels and facials with Liliya, my skin looks great! Better than I ever thought it could! If I break out at all now, it is very minimal and I have the products to stop it in its tracks. Liliya was very informative about products that would help my skin stay clear, but I never felt like she was giving me a sales pitch. When I was ready to try new products, she was more than helpful! I was concerned with the price, but honestly it's about the same as what I paid for Mary Kay and it works ten times better! She eventually helped me choose new makeup too, which I absoultely love! I'll never try another makeup again! If you've ever thought about seeing an esthetician or are just interested in having a nice facial once in a while, I strongly recommend Liliya! You will NOT be dissapointed!

Kristen Gardner-Volle

A Doctor for your face! If you are having problems clearing your face of all of it's imperfections...LILIYA is your girl! I can't tell you how many products I have tried to get rid of my black heads, acne, white heads and none of them have been effective. The beauty of going to see Liliya is that she knows ingredients and the effect they have on your face. I am not a pro so I did not realize that the products I had been using were drying out my face and actually aging it. Liliya gave me skin care products that helped my face fight the battles of everyday life. After a few weeks of being dedicated to the products Liliya recommended, I found my face not only CLEAR but glowing! Something I am not used to. It really showed that she understands her craft. Teaching what foods to avoid, everyday care, and how to use the products step-by-step. Not to mention she kept in contact with me throughout the whole process. Going to her was a blessing and I highly recommend

Olivia Solberg 4 months ago

When I started my skincare routine with Liliya over 8 months ago I was a desperate 46 year old with sun spots, wrinkles and milia on my forehead, temples and cheeks. I grew up in retail and have tried every product available including prescription retinoids to balance the look and feel of my skin. But no matter the routine, the milia continued to worsen and the fine lines and discoloration did as well. Now 8 months later thanks to Liliya my skin is amazing! It doesn't just look amazing.... it feels amazing, and it looks and feels younger. I glow. The milia is almost completely gone, the fine lines around my lips are gone and the brown spots have disappeared. I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Liliya or the products she has recommended for my skincare. I have never had continued improvement and results like this. I can honestly say that my skin is beautiful!

Carmel S. Burgess,

Carmel Burgess reviewed ithe last week Quality 3 / 3 When I became a client of Liliya I was pretty desperate. I am 47 so of course I have some wrinkles and age spots which would concern anyone, but overshadowing that was the excessive millia that had developed over years on my chin, forehead, temples and cheeks. I work retail and have tried all of the better brands. I had been to several dermatologists and was told only skin resurfacing would help after months of retin A. Liliya is remarkable. She sees the detail that you see when you look in the mirror and her goal is to perfect any flaw that she sees. After several months of treatment which have included facials and peels, and the correct product she recommended, I can count the few milia I have left in my temples and forehead. My cheeks and nose are clear and my pores have literally disappeared. My skin looks amazing. I have just started wrinkle and age treatment and am so excited to see the end result. My skin already looks wonderful!

A Google User reviewed 9 months

I went in for a facial, but after talking with Liliya, went with my first ever chemical peel. She was very understanding with any reservations I had, and she talked me through each step of the way. It was great! I look forward to the results as the days pass. I also received the best eyebrow shaping of my life! She is a pro and did a phenomenal job!

A Google User reviewed 10 months ago

I have had a great experience each time I have seen Liliya so far. The facials are great, but she really makes the package complete. Even during the not-so-fun appointments (i.e. a chemical peel), she spends time doing relaxation/massage. She is extremely knowledgeable and very patient in answering questions. She takes her time with each client - she's much more about quality than quantity. You don't feel like your being pushed out the door when your hour is up. You definitely get your money's worth! I would highly recommend her!

A Google User reviewed 9 months ago

I received a couple of chemical peels and was very pleased with the results. My skin had a more even tone to it and it got rid of any visible acne as well as greatly reduced discoloration marks from previous acne. Liliya showed great care and concern for my skin and for me. During the treatment she gave me all kinds of helpful information for continued care and maintenance. It was apparent to me that she chose to be an aesthetician because she loves to help others to improve their skin, has a passion for the work and truly enjoys seeing her clients happy with their results. She has a great deal of knowledge and skill with skin care. I will continue to recommend her based on my results and on her genuine care for me as a client.

A Google User reviewed 10 months ago

NO More Acne! Since last couple of years, I have always had one or two acne on my face along with acne scars. But after getting only one facial and two peels from Liliya my acne and acne scars were gone. Her treatments made my face clear and healthy. Liliya is a wonderful esthetician, not only she gave me the treatments she also advised me on the skin care products I should use. I use the skin care products she recommended everyday plus I get my treatments regularly, so no more acne! I would recommend Liliya to anyone who is suffering from acne.

Acne gone!‎

I met Liliya about a year and a half ago and was suffering from cystic acne pretty much since I was 10 (I'm 24 now). I've tried everything there was on the market except accutane and nothing ever worked until I saw Liliya. It took her awhile to convince me to come in, but I'm so thankful I listened to her. My face cleared up within two months with her facials. After the acne cleared up she started to do peels on me and my face felt like a baby's bottom. My self esteem was so low from the acne and I used so much make up to cover it up. Now I can go out in public with very little to no make up on and not feel embarrassed or unpretty. She pretty much gave me my life back!

Samantha Ewert Milwaukee, Wi

Best Facial!

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a good esthetician you can trust. Liliya was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!

Olecia K Milwaukee, Wi

I have been a client for about four years and have been to many estheticians in the city. Liliya is the best aesthetician in town! When I see her, my face is treated to cleansing, extractions, microdermabrasion, peel that's effective but super gentle, along with lots of other fantastic treatments that leave my skin glowing and healthy. You will be pampered and relaxed while lying on a comfy treatment bed under a cozy blanket with very cool tunes playing in the background. All this plus she is a total sweetheart.Go on, call her for an appointment..I know you want to.

Lena Akhmadeeva, Whitefish bay, Wi

Fantastic Facials‎

I have been seeing Liliya for about four years. Liliya is exceptional at all aspects of face care and full head massages. Her facials and peels leave my skin feeling very refreshed and toned. She shapes and tints my eyebrows just the way I like them. Her make-up consultation and application is perfect. Perhaps above all, Liliya blends her professionalism with a very friendly demeanor making her seem like family.

Debbie Hilbert, Milwaukee, Wi

Great facial experience‎

I was very happy with this treatment by Liliya. It was my first time for a facial and a friend recommended that I try it. What a relaxing and renewing treatment! Liliya was very sweet and professional, with 3 mask treatments, explaining her skin treatments and skin health products, and a great massage included! My neck and shoulders thanked me. I Definitely will be back. I don't use a lot of skin care, but I use my sunscreen that she recommended and a product to clear up occasional acne. Liliya is very knowledgeable about skin care

James .S, Wi

Great facial‎

Liliya does amazing facials. Everything is customized for you. It is a true European facial that will leave your skin smooth and beautiful. I love the product line she uses as well. I have tried everything over the years and I like this line the best.

Andrea Khan, Whitefish bay, Wi

Loved my peel!‎

Liliya is a wonderful esthetician and I have loved every treatment received from a eye brow wax to a facial peel. I would recommend her to everyone!

Lory Phillips, Whitefish bay, Wi


"I had a very relaxing and rejuvenating time. The service I recieved was excellent.I had a Micro- derm treatment from Liliya and it was amazing!!! I really liked the results. She knows the skin well and worked on mine accordingly. She was able to explain why I was having problems and things I could do to avoid them.I would definitely go to her again. I also had a facial .It was a wonderful experience:) The treatment was so relaxing. It was so good, I would surely recommend it"

Karuna K, Whitefish bay, Wi

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